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Monday, October 12, 2009

Prayer to God for Balance (Yoruba)

Ki nle 'ke odi.
Raise me above all misfortune.

Kiemaa gbe'mi n'ija kiemaa gbe mi leke isoro lojo gbogbo ni gbogbo ojo aye mi.
Raise me above all misfortune that might come my way while on this earth.

Kiemaa gbe 're.
Always bring me good fortune.

Bi'ku ba sunmo itosi ki e bami ye ojo iku.
If death is near help us to avert it.

Odun tiatibi mi sinu aye ki e bami ye ojo iku fun ara mi ati awon omo mi ti mo bi. Kiamaku ni kekere, kiamaku iku ina, kiamaku iku oro, kiamaku ike ejo, kiamaku sinu omi.
Avert death for all my children avert death for all those I include in my prayers. May they not die young, may they not die in fire, may they not die in tragedy, may they not die in shame, may they not die in water.

Ki e maf'foju re wo mi, ki awon omo araye lee maa fi oju rere wo mi.
I beg you to look upon me with good eyes so the world will be favorable to me and my children, may I be free from illness.

Ki e ma jeki nsaisan ki nsegun odi ki nrehin ota.
Let me overcome my enemies.

Ki e si'na aje fun me, ki awon omo araye wa maa bami, ra oja ti mo ba niita warawara, ipeku Orun e pehinda lodo mi.
Open the way to wealth for me, that the whole world will want the products of my work, let death pass me by.

Ki e da mi ni abiyamo tiyoo bimo rere ti won, yoo gb'ehin si sinu aye ate beebee.
May I be known as a parent who produces good children, who will stand behind me, follow my guidance and bury me at the end of my life.

Ki e ka ibi kuro lona fun mi lode aye.
Remove all obstacles wherever I go in the world.

Ki e bami ka'wo Iku, arun ejo ofo ofo efun edi apeta oso.
Protect me from death, disease, litigation, loss and hexing, prevent harm from those who work hexes.

Ki o r'omo gbe sire, ki e jeki oruko mi han si rere, ki ipa mi laye ma parun.
Let my name not be spoken with contempt, let my name be famous in the world, let my lineage flourish in the world.

Ki e jeki ngboki nto ki npa ewu s'ehin.
Let me live long and see my hair turn white.

Ase, ase, ase, 'se o.
May it be so, may it be so, may it be so.


myabubakar said...

wow. i did not know you also speak yoruba. pretty good prayer...i bet there are other languages besides these two that you can speak. talk about a bundle of talent

Cappuccino Soul said...

I'm afraid I'm not THAT talented. This is a prayer that I found, immediately as I started searching for one. It seems that it was written in Yoruba and translated into English, or vice versa. It just so happens it was the answer to EVERYTHING I was looking for in a prayer -- supernatural strength, protection, love, hopes and dreams.
What languages do you speak?

myabubakar said...

i speak my native language hausa. but after the brits invaded our lands they built schools and insisted on enrollment. thats how i learnt english back in 1905 when they reached my village.

Cappuccino Soul said...

Hausa. I have a book somewhere in my home about Hausa history. I'll have to look for it.
Are you saying that you were alive in 1905! Please tell me more!

Mawo Adelson said...

Se Alafia ni?
Are you a Haussa?I am a Yoruba-Anago born in Salvador Bahia Brazil. The Youruba-Anago people were brought into that City during Slaverey.Our brothers and sisters brought into Cuba are known as Lucumi.Other people from the region that is Nigeria now were also forced into Slavery in that City and some Haussa people were among them. I study Youruba languge an culture.Despite I don´t know anything about your tradition I respect your people very much. I have met a Haussa man uring a trip I took to India back in 2005. By the way ,I am a Physycist and a Professor.

Abusi Oluwa (God bless you)

Adelowo Babalogun (Adelson de Brito)

Cappuccino Soul said...

Thanks so much for commenting.

No, I am not Haussa, but then again, many of us of African descent in the U.S. don't really know what our African ancestry is.
Bahia is one of the first places I would visit if I have a chance to go to Brazil.
Feel free to send me some info. about yourself and/or your people in Bahia to I would be happy to share it with readers.
Peace and many blessings,

Cappuccino Soul said...

What does that mean?

Anonymous said...

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- Murk

Cappuccino Soul said...

That would be great. Thanks!