Monday, July 25, 2011

Breast Milk and Dreams

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If you have a dream that your breasts are producing milk -- this is what it means:

Breastfeeding is symbolic of giving or receiving, nurturing, and sustenance. It represents motherly love, as well as physical and emotional support and well being. Old dream interpretation books say that breastfeeding is a symbol of great things to come following an extended period of hard work.


If a woman sees her breasts filling with milk or milk flowing from her breasts in a dream, it is interpreted as prosperity and wealth in abundance coming her way.


Anonymous said...

hopefully this is the true meaning of breastmilk, ive dream it several times

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

Yes, I'm sure it's true -- I've found it to be. Be positive and happy dreaming. :-)

Anonymous said...

Had this dream earlier this morning. Hoping and praying for God to heal the brokeness in my soul and give back to me favor from what I have lost. Truly I pray that the sun shall shine again brightly and the rain that falls froms my eyes will be those of joyous times.

Alicia Benjamin said...

I am also hoping that this dream is good news for you, and that a time of prosperity and wealth are coming your way, in addition to the healing that you're seeking.

Stay strong,