Cappuccino Soul

Cappuccino Soul

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Current Playlist in My Ride

Here's what I'm listening to as I drive around town, and just outside of town:

Femi Kuti
CDs in rotation:

"Shoki Shoki" - Femi Kuti
"Billie Holiday's Greatest Hits"
"Lewis Taylor" - Lewis Taylor
"The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" - Gil Scott Heron
"Here, My Dear" - Marvin Gaye
"Ali and Toumani" - Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate

Ali Farka Toure

"A Love Surreal" - Bilal
"Talk to Me" - Motion Picture Soundtrack ("Talk to Me")
"It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" - Public Enemy
"Fear of a Black Planet" - Public Enemy
"Black Messiah" - D'Angelo
"Suite for Ma Dukes" - Miguel Atwood Ferguson & Carlos Nino

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Way of the Samurai

From the film, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

When it rains and we are met by a sudden shower
Why do we run or try to shelter under trees?
Why do we try so hard not to get wet?
If you resolve yourself to the fact that you will get wet
Then you have no reason to get vexed
Even though you will get the same soaking
This understanding extends to everything.

-- Ghost Dog, translation of text from the Hagakure

Friday, December 12, 2014

Public Enemy: Prophets of Rage Documentary

"This is a journey." "I got so much trouble on my mind." "Refuse to Lose!"