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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Color Black

The writer over at Dwellings of Thought, Ali Altaf Mian, wrote about the Muslim practice of turning ones body toward the Ka’ba during ritual prayer and the significance of facing a dark building covered in black cloth when praying. In his discussion of what the color black represents, he says this:

The Ka‘ba is covered in black for a reason. The color black contains all shades of pigment. The color black foregoes all other colors in its ability to absorb light; it is the ultimate sponge of radiance among the colors. Symbolically, then, the Ka‘ba absorbs all colors that spill out of the divine. The color black does not reflect or emit light elsewhere; light goes into it, losing its identity in the depth of the color black. Black is the site where difference of tonalities lives fully. Black is indeed beautiful.

Indeed ...

Click here to read the entire post by Ali Altaf Mian


Anonymous said...

BLACK is so beautiful it describes the most worshiped MAN that ever walked the face of the earth. For his hair was like lambs wool and his feet like burnt brass. This BLACK MAN is KING of all kings. BLACK is beautiful and I am glade that we are made in his image.


Cappuccino Soul said...

Preach MaDear! (You might need to stand behind somebody's podium). :-)
Yes, hair like lambs wool and feet like burnt brass... let us never forget it!