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Cappuccino Soul

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Arts of Africa at The Mint


Recently Gigi and I took advantage of a free admission event at the Mint Museum - Randolph. Among the exhibits that we saw were: "The Genius of Richard Caton Woodville," "The Fashions of Dior, Balmain, Saint Laurent, and more," "American Ceramics," "Threads of Identity: Contemporary Maya Textiles" and Arts of Africa: A collection of art forms showcasing the vast cultural, physical, historical, and religious diversity that can be found across the African continent. We had fun!

Yes, that's Gigi behind the mask.


Anonymous said...

I really miss being on adventures with you and GiGi. She is a blessed young lady to have an adventurous Mother. TV watching just want and don't cut it.


Cappuccino Soul said...

Hey MaDear,

This didn't take much effort. This museum is just about within walking distance to us, and it was free! So it was a no brainer.

I know Nashville has some cultural stuff. Go check it out!

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful.

I' m thinking of developing my art mask design works so as to make it be known by a large public. I need your prayers for that. I may set up a website for that, God willing.
Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience of museum visitation.


Cappuccino Soul said...


The exhibit was awesome! We saw artwork from many countries, including Cameroon! I would love to see your art mask designs on a Web site. I'll pray for you to get that done as soon as possible. You are very talented, and I'm sure your work will be well received by the public -- worldwide!

Blessings to you and your family,


Anonymous said...

neteru alicia,

thank you for sharing the arts of africa at the mint.

Cappuccino Soul said...

You're very welcome!