Cappuccino Soul

Cappuccino Soul

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We are Eternally Grateful

When we get mail from my Dad, Gigi loves to open it – she’s hoping to see some money. When he does send money, she says, “Wow! Granddad’s rich.” I say , "No, he’s not rich, he’s just kind enough to help us out in our hour of need."

Thanks Dad (Granddad)! -- and Grandmom, MaDear, Cheryl, Annette, Pastor Al; and other friends and relatives who have:

-- picked us up when the car broke down
-- given us rides to places when the car wasn't working
-- prayed for us in our times of despair
-- encouraged us when we needed it
-- paid for gifts to lift our spirits
-- listened to us cry when we were down, discouraged, or being persecuted
-- provided free sitting services, and
-- prayed for us to be well and blessed.

We are eternally grateful.


Anonymous said...

Love is DEEP in more ways than some are aware. Love runs DEEPER than most can imagine. Love is an act and much, much more than a feeling. So when your MaDear says she loves her two young ladys realise the DEEP FEELINGS behind the words. They are not just words they are true feelings.

"Speaking for MaDear"

Cappuccino Soul said...

My dear MaDear,

How eloquent and heartfelt. You just made my heart beat faster! We love you truly, madly and DEEPLY.

with so much Love,