Cappuccino Soul

Cappuccino Soul

Monday, July 19, 2010

Street Art: Diamonds Lead to Blood?

by Italian graffiti artist Bros


Unknown said...

Wow!! I am loving this piece of work! I wonder if folk really now about what goes on in the diamond trade? smh...
Hope you have been well Lady!

Cappuccino Soul said...

Hey Regina,
I was immediately struck by it when I saw it. That's what the work means to me -- I really don't know if that's what the artist intended.
I am hanging in there girl and with God's help -- all will be well and wonderful.

Anonymous said...

it's about blood diamonds, likely. look up the term...

Cappuccino Soul said...

Yes, that's what I thought also. Hence my remark -- diamonds lead to blood (death, violence, et.), and of course there's the movie: Blood Diamonds.
Thanks for the link and thanks for commenting!