Cappuccino Soul

Cappuccino Soul

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Gigi and Romare Bearden

Gigi with Romare in the background


Parker Francis said...

Hi Alicia,

Wow!!! LOVE your Blackness, your soul, your pride. My business partner V. came across your website while she was promoting our business and said it's a site we should look at. AWESOME job!!! Please tell us more about you, and what your doing. I see your an educator and very much into the arts and social justice. You have some really POWERFUL images on your site. My partner and I are in the business of building Self-Esteem in our little girls, you should have a look at our blog, I think you will like it. Check out our blog Post: "Black Dolls Yuk!!!" at:

thanks, Parker

Cappuccino Soul said...

Thank you for checking out Cappuccino Soul. I did check out your blog and I LOVE your beautiful dolls. Lord knows our girls (and we women!) need all the positive and uplifting energy we can get. I will find your contact information and communicate with you more.
Peace to you,

Anonymous said...

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