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Friday, September 16, 2011

Black Men Offer "Safe Passage" to D.C. School Kids

All I can say is ... wow!

by Chris L. Jenkins
The Washington Post
September 15, 2011

Curtis Watkins has a simple plan: Make sure that children who live in the troubled communities east of the Anacostia River see welcoming black male faces on their way to school in the mornings.

Four times a week, at the crack of dawn, he and a small group of men walk the streets of Marshall Heights and Lincoln Heights in Ward 7, greeting students. Their opening line is often: “Good morning, young brother! Good morning, young sister!”

“Most of these kids don’t see positive male role models, brothers who are just out and about looking out for their well-being,” Watkins said as he strolled down E Street SE, piping up with his greeting to a trio of girls who were scurrying to J.C. Nalle Elementary School. The girls looked a little confused at first, then murmured a “Good morning” back.

“It’ll take them a little while to get used to us, but they’ll start asking us, ‘What y’all doing out here?’ ” Watkins said. “It’s just about having a presence in the community.”


Anonymous said...

That’s my town! It doesn’t take much. I pray that these brothers will stay consistent. It will make a difference in somebody’s life!


Cappuccino Soul said...


It's my town too sister! I know the struggle the D.C. public school system is having and I'm so thankful and inspired that these MEN have stepped in to protect the children. Yes, let's pray that the brothers will stay in these children's lives for the long haul.

Cappuccino Soul said...

And may I add that I really like the way that Chris Jenkins put the article together!

Unknown said...

AWESOME!!! I am stealing this post!!!

Cappuccino Soul said...

Steal away, Regina Steal away!! These men are doin' it!