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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Share a Space in The Black Girls' Corner

Inviting Black girls, ages 10-15, in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in a bi-weekly group, The Black Girls' Corner.

Girls will role-play various topics, show off talents, view/discuss media, play games, establish new friendships, and gain cultural exposure. The mission of the group is to give young girls a voice and an outlet away from their home, school, and church environments. Upcoming topics to be discussed will include the importance of education, negative aspects of media, bullying, and alternatives to violence. Mothers of the girls will participate in separate or joint group discussions each session.


Peace and Serenity Garden Room @ The ArtHouse (in NoDa)  
3103 Cullman Avenue, Charlotte, NC  

Saturdays, 10 a.m. - Noon

Next Meeting:
Saturday, September 18

Directions and room views:

There is a $10 fee per session/per girl to cover room/equipment rental and refreshments.

Contact Vickie L. Hughes at for more information.

Founder of The Black Girls' Corner, Vickie L. Hughes, J.D., is a seasoned professional, with a diverse background in business, civic advocacy, and training. She has also earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Psychology. “Miss Vickie” has a genuine passion for mentoring and assisting young people in positive growth development.

A few years ago, the death of a friend's son changed my life. Although I am single with no children, that death affected me so that I devoted the rest of my life to assisting youth/young adults. I have had a great life; I must help those in younger generations. I believe that to be my life's calling and the legacy God wants to leave behind through me.

Within the next year, I plan to be the Executive Director of my own national non-profit entity. Recently, I founded/started a program component of that entity. It is "The Black Girls' Corner," for Black girls ages 10-15. Join me in doing whatever you can to reach out to our youth, our leaders of tomorrow. "Their lives depend on God and US!"
 -- Vickie L. Hughes, J.D.

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