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Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Woman Has No Enemy

I'm posting this e-mail that I received today from the Save Darfur Coalition in hopes of inspiring more people to join in the fight to rescue the people of Darfur who are being brutalized in the ongoing genocide in Darfur.

Dear Alicia,

There was a saying in the Darfur in which I was raised: "A woman has no enemy."

Those words are not spoken here anymore. In today's Darfur, a woman has enemies everywhere she turns.

Together, we can end the violence in Darfur—and stop the systematic campaign of sexual brutality unleashed against Darfuri women.

But if we don't act now, it could get far worse.

On behalf of Darfuri women and all the people of Darfur—please contribute today. $150,000 by March 31 will help fuel our campaign for peace.

Women have traditionally commanded unquestioned respect in our culture—leaders of their families who walked the streets in safety and spoke with strangers without fear. That sense of honor has been taken away.

I am among the fortunate ones. I escaped the genocide—but in my heart, I can never leave the women and girls of Darfur. Helping them to survive—helping restore the exalted position they once occupied and still deserve—is my work. It is my calling.

Our new video highlights the struggle of life in Darfur, but also the promise of peace and what you can do to realize that promise. (See Video below.)

Our work is hard, and it is frustrating. But it is working. The signs are all around us—from the Bashir arrest warrant, to President Obama naming Gen. Gration as his special envoy to Sudan, to the increased number of UNAMID peacekeepers in the region.

We have accomplished so much—but it is not yet done. Life in Darfur is a daily struggle against unspeakable violence, starvation, and disease. More than ever, the people of Darfur need you.

Please give greater hope by rushing a generous contribution by March 31 to support this movement.

Fighting genocide is difficult, and it is painful, but it is not impossible—not if we promise ourselves that we can give life and hope to others. We can. Please help us today.


Niemat Ahmadi
Save Darfur Coalition

Click here to learn more about the Save Darfur Coalition.

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