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Cappuccino Soul

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't Hate! Michelle's Green Boots

Don't hate me for saying this, but I thought this was hilarious. Look at the expression on Michelle's face. It's like she knows her outfit was not that great but said, "To hell with it... I got work to do!" Not only did I think this was funny, but I totally sympathize with Michelle on this one. On a really cold day, I'll throw on whatever I think will keep me warm -- no matter what it looks like, especially the shoes or boots.

Michelle Obama's Turquoise Suede Boots - Stylefoul?

by Dana Oliver
AOL's Stylist

The world has watched breathlessly as Michelle Obama establishes herself as the most stylish First Lady since Jackie O. But yesterday, "Shelly O" may have committed her first fashion faux pax while in office. She stepped out in a pair of questionable turquoise suede boots to talk community service with students from YouthBuild. Yes, she was braving a cold, muddy March day, and yes, perhaps the emerald-ish shade was to honor St. Patricks day, but regardless, the boots do seem to stand out like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

But we do totally heart Michelle's crafty reuse of her Inauguration Day sweater. That's right -- she's wearing the pale yellow Nina Ricci mohair sweater she threw over her Isabel Toledo dress on the big day, but instead of dressing it up with a diamond broach at the collar, she subdued it with a pair of cropped gray trousers.

In this economy it's refreshing to see that even the First Lady is economizing. Take note, AIG.

Check out a couple of comments that people posted to this AOL story:

-- It's not so much the horrible boots, but why is she wearing such short pants? If her pants had been longer, it wouldn't have looked so bad. Plus, they're really too tight for that short of a cardigan set....YIKES! Get the stylist back, ASAP!

-- The Boots would have been ok, if they had been close to the color of what she was wearing.... We should be grateful that she is not a dress show off, even though she has money, but prefers to live down to earth....take the dress scope off of First Lady Obama and put it on something more important.


KC said...

I'd rather she wear the green boots than come out with a turd in the back of her head! Thank goodness she stopped wearing do's like that. Desrae is probably really hooking her wardrobe up, because she is NOT a fashionista.

Cappuccino Soul said...

What turd? I'm not familiar with that style.
Some of us would LOVE to have someone hook our wardrobe up! Who's Desrae? Do you think she'd do some volunteer "hooking up" of wardrobe?