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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bad Cartoon: It Simply Didn't Work

Wrong Cartoon, Wrong Reaction

by Kathleen Parker
The Washington Post

Cartoon outrage is becoming tedious, as is the need to explain once more why being offended is not just cause for battle.

This time it's not Muslims rioting in the streets, but the Rev. Al Sharpton leading protests against a New York Post cartoon that he and others consider racist.

Drawing on two events in the news cycle -- a violent chimpanzee felled by police, and the stimulus bill -- cartoonist Sean Delonas sketched a dead chimpanzee lying in a pool of blood in front of two cops with a smoking gun. The balloon read: "They'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill."

If you don't get it, there's a good reason. It was a bad cartoon. It didn't work....


KC said...

Good article! Hey Alicia, check out Santita on WVON via internet. It's a really good show. It's a nice cultural shift for brothers and sister living in different parts of the country. Chicago black folks sound off and you can see the similarities and also notice the differences in regards to where you live. I see it with every move that I make, but it's different hearing it. Enjoy. After my girl is off, then Al Sharptn comes on. You'll enjoy it. I'm sure of it! Live! Once again, I'm happy to have you!

Cappuccino Soul said...

Hey Kendall,
I thought the article was great too and much needed from one of our white sisters. She was onpoint with everything she said. I will check out Santita in Chicago. Sounds like an intriguing show. Thanks for sharing!
Peace and many blessings,