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Friday, November 01, 2013

McQueen, Ejiofor, Woodard, Lupita Q&A

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Anonymous said...

Thanks it was so good…the director…says what he means and means what he says……I like that…
Thanks again…

Alicia Benjamin said...

I am sooo impressed with this director and movie -- even though I haven't seen it yet. It opens here today and I will see it as SOON as I can. Steve McQueen will turn out to be one of the greatest directors -- period. You have to hear some of the other interviews. I mean, he tells the history, with the emotion and wisdom that this topic needs. He definitely deserves the Oscar and MORE for this.

Go see it!

Anonymous said...

neteru alicia,

i often wonder why white people think they need to help us. they only know of our history from lies, no experience mind, body, or soul do they think they don't need help? their focus is always on us. however, lately, i have been thinking about their motive, not one of true concern, but of continuing to control. mcqueen was one of my favorite actors during the 50s because i was not exposed do any strong black actors portrayed in a positive light. i got to see amos and andy, etc. read books like black sambo. i have no regard for whites and their deception. so many of us either ignorant of our history or think things have changed continue to allow them to infiltrate our mind, body, and soul. we still feel honored when we are able to join their circle. too much credit given in the mist of the killings and poisoning of our minds.

Alicia Benjamin said...

Hello Sister,

Thank you for commenting. When you say you watched McQueen act in the 50s, do you actually mean Sidney Poitier? Steve McQueen, the director from the UK, is of African heritage via Trinidad and Grenada.

Have you seen the film? When you say we still feel honored when we are able join in their circle -- are you referring to whites who make dramas based on history?

I really would love to hear what you think of the film once you've seen it.