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Cappuccino Soul

Friday, November 22, 2013

Helping Girls in Kenya

by Megan Mukuria for Good

What is the simplest thing you can do to change the world? I’ve asked myself that question constantly since I moved to Kenya in 2001. My experiences have led to my wholehearted belief that investing in girls’ education is truly the best thing we can do to change the world.

And how to best invest in girls' education? I found my answer in a peculiar package... a sanitary pad. You may be asking, how can a pad dramatically change a woman’s life? Considering that pads are a luxury out of reach to 80% of women across East Africa, they are items that have quite the potential for impact.

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ARW said...

This is wonderful.

Cappuccino Soul said...

Isn't it ARW? I didn't know about this need in Kenya but I'm going to look more into it.