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Monday, January 14, 2013

My Senegalese Style

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When I wear head wraps, this is exactly how I wear mine and have been doing so for many many years. This lady is from Senegal.

Who says there's no such thing as ancestral memory? 

Senegalese woman and children


Anonymous said...

neteru alicia,

i love your site. i viewed my senegalese style and would like to know what the senegalese woman meant that there is no such thing as ancestral memory.

sernuaaba heru-t

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

Hello sernuaaba heru-t,

Thank you for your question. It seems that the way I've written the sentences, leads you to think that the Senegalese woman is talking, when actually it's me saying, yes, there is such a thing as ancestral memory?

You know how people use the expression: Who said .......

to indicate that whatever the person said, is not true.

Does that make sense? By the way -- I've rewritten the sentences to be more clear.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your reply. i am working on my memoirs and rely heavily on memories from my ancestors for guidance in recording what i remember and what is sent to me. also i know you receive many many emails and correspondence but when i first discovered your site i emailed you that i am also a writer and retired from teaching english language acquisition (esl) in 2009. i continue to help children and adults in that area, emphasis in reading and writing to develop their skills. i too wear headwraps and glad you shared this message.

sernuaaba heru-t

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

sernuaaba heru-t,

I would love to read your memoirs. Please let me know when the book is published.

I have also taught ESL. Meeting people from all over the world has been an enriching and rewarding experience.

Stay in touch, OK?


sondjata said...

"To confirm the burrowing behavior was under genetic control, the authors brought some of each species into the lab and raised offspring in cages that lacked any material for them to dig burrows. Then, when the mice were mature, they were set loose into a larger area filled with a sandy soil. Despite never having seen a parent's burrow, the mice quickly dug one that was similar to those that their fellow species members dig in the wild. "

So whoever it is saying ancestral memory doesn't exist doesn't know science. :-)

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...


And here you've proved it. Science is science! But I can't help but think there's a supernatural component to this also.

Thanks for commenting and it's good to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

I have used this syle also but I have to admit that I admired yours and followed suite.


Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

You wear it well! Take a picture next time you wear it and send it to me!