Cappuccino Soul

Cappuccino Soul

Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to the Beat: It's Yours

The XM Satellite radio in the rental car was a pleasant surprise bonus that we enjoyed on our trip back to Charlotte from Delaware (I didn't even realize we had it on the drive up). Backspin, XM's homage to old school hip hop, offered some fun tunes, although I didn't realize so many of the songs aren't kid friendly :-(

But one song that I really appreciated was T La Rock's "It's Yours" -- very creative lyrics, along with a funky beat.

Commentating, illustrating Description giving, adjective expert Analyzer, surmiser, musical mix Giving people of the universe this It's yours

We had some good New York Style Pizza at Giovanni's Place.

Next time I'll have to check out some of that Peace Tea they had at the pizza spot.

And here was another joyous surprise. New Castle County has put stone markers at the entrances of many of the communities, including this one, which sits in front of my old neighborhood -- Rosegate. Sweet!

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