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Cappuccino Soul

Friday, October 28, 2011

I Am the Black Gold of the Sun

Rotary Connection's “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun” is one of those songs that grab you from the first few bars and as you continue to listen, you know that it was divinely inspired.

After the tranquil, lush opening interaction between two acoustic guitars, you have to get over the genius of the piano solo and wicked electric guitar playing before you find yourself asking, “What are they saying?”

The very title is a revelation. When they sing, “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun,” they’ve already jumpstarted your brain with poetry that gets your imagination running. I haven’t found the lyrics to this song yet, but I can hear the chorus and the lead singer say things like, “I am the morning sun…smiling on everyone… follower of the One …shadows that light up the day….I am the tall Oak tree…I am the jungle stream…I Am the Black Gold of the Sun."

Listen to the recurring piano, wild guitar solos, and semi-operatic chants by the background singers (who include by the way, Minnie Riperton, before the group knew that her voice was the one that you put out in front on ALL the recordings).

When you listen to “I Am the Black Gold of the Sun,” you’ll want to stand up, put your hands in the air, pump your fists, sing, and rejoice with your whole body.


Anonymous said...

It’s on the Hey, Love Album (1971)

Jocelyn Brown also covered it with Nuyorican Soul……

Just an fyi….


Cappuccino Soul said...

Now you know that I KNOW about Nuyorican Soul!!!! Jocelyn Brown did a good job, but there's nothing like the original!!!


Anonymous said...