Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pacific Peace: Photos by Cheryl Noel

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Thanks to mi amiga Cheryl in Los Angeles, we get to see the plush waters of the Pacific Ocean and the brilliant rays of the sun going down. Cheryl took these luminous shots at the Santa Monica Pier with her cell phone camera. (Do your thing girl.)

We can’t wait to see the beauty in person chica!


Anonymous said...

A wonderful way to start the morning!

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

I'm glad you like them. I thought they were gorgeous! Cheryl did a great job.

Regina said...

These are simply breath taking shots! WOW!
Hope you are well!

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

Hey Regina,
Aren't they gorgeous? My friend Cheryl took them with her cell phone camera! I'm gonna ask her what kind of cell phone she has. It's awesome!
I am very well. I hope you and yours are great too.

Anonymous said...

I wish my cellphone pics were that clear!

Alicia Michele Benjamin said...

I'm sayin'!