Cappuccino Soul

Cappuccino Soul

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Thank You Mr. Obama

Congratulations to Barack Obama for winning the South Carolina Democratic Primary race! He had to take a lot of criticism and weave and bob some punches from the Clinton camp, but he came out victorious.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Obama for being such a strong, positive, uplifting force. During these perilous times, we need to see more men, especially African-American men with integrity, who are committed fathers and husbands, upstanding gentlemen, and true warriors for justice. Many thanks Senator Obama. Whatever happens in the end, you've given African-Americans, and all people concerned with social justice, some much needed hope.

And check this out: Kennedy to Endorse Obama


Unknown said...

Congrats to Mr. Obama, for his victory. Keep moving forward!

Cappuccino Soul said...