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Cappuccino Soul

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dem Las Days

2 Timothy 3:1-9 (from the Gullah translation of The New Testament: De Nyew Testament)

Now den, ondastan dat jurin dem las day, dey gwine be heapa trouble.

Cause day gwine be people wa lob jes deysef, an dey gwine hab de big eye, da wahn ebryting. Dey gwine brag on deysef an pit deysef op, da tink dey betta den oda people. Dey gwine sult people, an ain gwine pay no mind ta wa dey modda, needa dey fada tell um fa do. Dey ain gwine tell nobody tankya fa nottin, an dey ain gwine hab no hona fa God.

Dey ain gwine cyah none tall bout oda people an ain gwine hab mussy pon nobody. Dey gwine tell lie bout one noda an hole one noda cheap, an dey ain gwine be able fa troll deyself. Dey gwine go wile ef people git een dey way, an dey gwine hate ebryting dat good.

Dey ain gwine be people dat oda people kin trus. Dey gwine do ting dout dey study pon wa gwine happen cause ob wa dey done. Dey gwine be biggity an lob dey own pledja. An dey ain gwine lob God none tall.

Dey mek like dey da folla god bot dey ain gree fa leh God hab no powa oba dey life. Ya mus dohn mix wid dem people yah.

Cause some dem sneak roun an mek dey way eenta people house an go ton ooman dem haat, ooman wa ain know wa dey oughta bleebe. Dem ooman burden down wid dey plenty sin an dey da do all kind ob ebil ting wa dey haat gim fa do.

Dem ooman ready all de time fa jes keep on da laan, bot dey ain neba able fa know wa ting true.

Jes like Jannes an Jambres been ginst Moses, same way so, dem people yah, dey ginst de trute. Dey people wa ain da tink right cause dey mind ebil. An God done ton um way cause dey ain bleebe right.

Bot dey ain gwine go faa, cause ebrybody gwine shim fa wa dey da, jes like wa happen ta Jannes an Jambres.

Who were Jannes and Jambres? Here's some information from The Daily Bible Study Web site by Wayne Blank:

Jannes and Jambres are mentioned only once in The Bible, by the apostle Paul in the second epistle to Timothy. Although they are not identified by name in the Old Testament, Rabbinic tradition holds that Jannes and Jambres were, or were among, the magicians who opposed Moses and Aaron at the time of the Exodus. The tradition would certainly be valid, otherwise Paul, while writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, would not have made it a part of the New Testament record.

Jannes and Jambres obviously had "miraculous" powers, but unlike Moses and Aaron who were empowered by God, the Pharaoh's magicians were Satanic.

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