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Cappuccino Soul

Monday, November 06, 2006

Obama for President?

My dad and I have been talking about Barack Obama’s chance of winning the next presidential election. We’ve shared many hopes, dreams and even some jokes about the matter. On the one hand, we’re proud that there is such a strong, intelligent, and charismatic politician like Obama out there—on the other hand, we know all too well the attitudes of not only southerners, but people all across the nation who would never vote for a black presidential (Congressional, mayoral, etc.) candidate.

Kurt at Bring It On! Shares his pessimism about Obama’s possible run for president. In a letter to Mr. Obama, Kurt writes:

Mr. Obama, I believe you to be an honest, intelligent, even charismatic politician, with a refreshing message of hope. Unfortunately, the cold, hard fact is that you cannot possibly carry any southern state, since racial bigotry is still so prevalent.

A Bring It On! Reader named Nelson responded:

I live and work in a very red part of the country, a part where the desire for a hunting season on “Mexicans” is considered a good idea. A part where African-Americans are still refered to as “niggers” by old and young alike. A place where homophobia is rampent and anyone even remotely effeminate is assaulted and the authorities turn a blind eye.

This sad backwards part of the country that Nelson refers to is not Tennessee or any other southern state. Click here to find out yet another place where "Mexicans" and African-Americans aren’t respected.


Anonymous said...

Yes, there are elements of hate we must contend with every day of our lives. And they do get our attention so easily. But, there are others out there who quietly go about their lives, struggling to make every thing they do a reflection of truth and love. "on earth as it is in heaven."

Cappuccino Soul said...

Hey Kevin,
I know very well that there are others out there like you with positive energy, hope and truth all about you. I know for sure that you are one of them and that's why I love ya!

Unknown said...

I am from Sweden and met many nice people in the Southern states on my vacation this fall. Yes, many people may be conservative, but I think that most people naturally react to a person who possesses compassion, when they feel listened to and respected instead of being criticized. I think that Obama has this quality, he possesses an inherited compassion and I think that that is why people who are independent and republicans are drawn to him because they feel the love in his heart. Obama rarely speaks bad words about his opponents but respects them. ML King believed that a message delivered with love will convince people, it is just a question of how long time it takes. And there are so many former racist people who met King who today say that they thank him for showing him the way. I think that when we assume that white people in the south don't receive Obama we will (unconsciously create a barrier) that keeps them away. I think that many people in the south are ready for someone like Obama, because he delivers the message with love and respect, not with judgments and criticism as most politicians do (liberals and conservatives) in my experience. Nelson Mandela also has this quality, and I think that Obama eventually can grow to his standard.

Torgny Jansson

Cappuccino Soul said...

Mr. Jansson,
Thank you for reading and commenting from so far away as Sweden! I hope there are many other people with such open minds and hearts like you in the southern states and the entire U.S. Obama does exude a great sense of compassion and caring. I hope others will see this.