Cappuccino Soul

Cappuccino Soul

Saturday, October 21, 2006

'Is He Fake, Is He True?'

I know Nashville’s own Young Buck, a.k.a. David Brown, has gotten into some trouble in recent years, but you gotta give him credit for comin’ back home and tryin’ to do the right thing. He has supported some worthwhile educational and charitable organizations in the city.

When I checked out his Web site, I was especially impressed with how deftly the writer characterized Young Buck's persona in the first paragraph.

Everybody wanna know who 50 done signed/ And who he is, what he ‘bout, where he from, can he rhyme/ Is he real, is he fake, is he true, is he lyin’/Did this Young Buck really get shot two times?

I’m hoping the guns and violence are behind him and that he can truly bring up Nashville and help the world see the creative other side of town down here, including the musicians, visual artists, writers, poets, thespians, etc.

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