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Cappuccino Soul

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Soul Train: You Can't Outdo Black People!

You'll be smiling and laughing after watching only a few seconds of this guy's homage to Soul Train. This guy has only posted one video to Youtube, but he hits it out the box on his first try. My favorite line in his whole commentary: "You can't outdo Black people!"


Regina said...

LOL!!! That commentary though!!

Alicia Benjamin said...

The commentary makes it so good! He had my sides hurting I was laughing so much. He's right though....they were workin' it with everything they had.

Anonymous said...

You know that when this was aired on TV I thought all the guys were straight. SILLY ME I was just checking out the music and the dancing.


Alicia Benjamin said...

Really? hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

Darell Hunt said...

OMG. I'm just seeing this blog. Thanks for showing the love to my sense of humor and crazy!! XOXOX!!

Alicia Benjamin said...

Is this you Darell Hunt? Wow! I can't tell you the joy, laughs, hollers, screams...and did I say Joy your Youtube post gave me and my daughter. Thank you, thank you! Please do more and if you have anymore up on Youtube, let us know!!

Peace to you,