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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Dog in a Dream: What Does It Mean?

What does it mean when a dog inhabits your dream?

Some of the common themes regarding dreaming of a dog involve loyalty, lack of loyalty, protection, security, faithfulness, intuition, and the need to rediscover a talent that has been neglected.

A person who dreams about a dog could represent someone who has intuitive knowledge and follows their instincts, since a dog sees in the dark and has extraordinary hearing abilities. This person lives from inner feelings and follows directions with an animal-like instinct. The presence of a dog in dreams indicates male energy.

The dog in a dream can also represent danger -- of course this depends on whether the dog is barking, snarling, or attacking you.

If the dream involves you using the dog as a pillow, the dog represents a friend who will prove useful and whom the dreamer will be proud of.

So, a dog in a dream can represent a friend, lover, protector, foe, or potential enemy. It can indicate feelings of warmth, protection, and love, or anger and betrayal. It can point to the dreamer's gifts of intuition and perception, or aggressive impulses. This all depends on the stance of the dog in the dream.  Is he friendly and/or protective, or is he ferocious and on the attack?

Hmmmmm…… I’m glad to say that the dog most recently in my dreams was eerily persistent, but unexpectedly friendly and protective. What about you?

Youtube treat: What do dogs have to do with persistence?


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