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Cappuccino Soul

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kick It to 'Em Bernie: Bernie Sanders on Charlie Rose

"You've got a criminal justice system that makes sure a Black guy driving a car and forgot to make a left turn may get a prison record, but the people who destroyed the economy, don't end up in jail.... the bankers aren't just too big to fail, the bankers are too big to jail." -- Bernie Sanders


V E R B said...

How weird. I recorded this last night and I'm watching it now while checking email, and I see your post notification. Great minds on the same page.

I've been a Sanders supporter from the jump, wishing and praying that he'd get in the race. Bernie has been kickin' the same science since before I even knew who he was twenty years ago, so I know he is sincere. Unfortunately Bernie seems not to be doing as well among African-American voters as Clinton, and that disturbs me. Not just because he's my guy but because he speaks directly to most of the issues that plague our community. I'm hoping that more of us give him a real listen and think critically about what he's saying versus rolling with name recognition and a candidate (who I feel) says things for political expediency.

Cappuccino Soul said...


Slowly Bernie has grown on me. The more I listen to him, the more sense he makes. And like you say, when you think critically about what Bernie is saying -- he's the better candidtate. Life you, I wish more African-American and other voters would wake up and smell the coffee. I haven't donated to any candidate yet, but I may just make my first one this go round to Bernie!

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