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Monday, March 30, 2015

Bobby Womack: He Made Us Feel It

1944 - 2014
How I missed Bobby Womack's passing last year, I have no idea. When you think of Soul singers, Womack has to be toward the very top of the list. I found "The Best of Bobby Womack: The Soul Years" at the library recently and have been playing his CD in my car. Like Al Green, Barry White, and Isaac Hayes, Bobby Womack's voice just oozed sensuality and soul.

He would often talk in the beginning of a song to set the stage. Examples of this happen on two of my favorite Womack songs: Woman's Gotta Have It and "You're Welcome, Stop on By." With "Woman's Gotta Have It," he gives good advice on how to keep a woman happy in a relationship, and in "You're Welcome, Stop On By" he shows off his storytelling talents by revealing his pain about a woman who put him second on her list of lovers. He lets her know that she's "welcome to stop on by, but there's somebody somewhere, that may truly need me." This song made such an impression on Chaka Khan that she covered it with the group Rufus the same year Womack's version came out in 1974.

 Across 110th Street is a colorful, gritty yet smooth song about surviving life in the streets. Quentin Tarantino's film Jackie Brown wouldn't have been the same without Womack's song, since it opens and closes the film, supporting Pam Grier's no nonsense, smart, and beautiful characterization of Jackie Brown.

Thank you Mr. Womack for reminding the world of "what a woman needs," for elevating the film Jackie Brown to a place that feels like home, and for letting us "stop on by." Rest in Peace.


Anonymous said...

The media did not make a big deal of his passing nor a lot of our famous black STARS like Ruby Dee for instance. If it was not for black radio like the Tom Joyner morning show I would have been oblivious to what is happening in the world of our people. I love Mr. Womack's works, Thank you.
Love MaDear

Cappuccino Soul said...

He was MAJOR. I've always loved his art. Thanks for commenting. Let's keep enjoying the legacy he left for us to listen to!