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Cappuccino Soul

Monday, June 23, 2014

Journey on Beauty and Compliments

One should be as cautious when receiving the compliment 'you have a good heart' as one should be when they are told 'you have a nice body'.

Both are nice to hear. Both are flattering. Both have the potential to be coming from someone who seeks to exploit one or the other.

Either way, be aware but not paranoid. A rose is still a rose no matter what its beauty evokes. Bloom regardless.

- journey


Anonymous said...

If someone only looks at the surface (outside} they don't see the whole package. True beauty is complete. I always say that if someone is not concern about your soul they are not your "SOUL MATE"! Look inside of the one that is looking at you. (smile)


Cappuccino Soul said...

That's all very true MaDear.

I think the point journey, the writer, is making here is that some people seek to take advantage of a good heart, in the same way some take advantage of what they deem to be a "good body." She's saying, just be aware of that and move accordingly.