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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Staged Readings in Charlotte: "for black boys....."


Contact: Alicia Benjamin /

for black boys who have considered homicide
when the streets were too much
(Staged Readings)

Charlotte, N.C. — Come experience young Black men reveal how they see themselves, in contrast to how many others see them – as violent, angry men who are not to be trusted, and in some cases – destroyed — in the staged reading of the play, for black boys who have considered homicide when the streets were too much by Keith Antar Mason.

The readings, scheduled to be held in Charlotte on Saturday, January 25, 2:30 p.m. at the Francis Auditorium, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library (Main Branch), April 2014 (date to be announced soon) at The Arts Factory, Black Box Theater, Johnson C. Smith University, will feature actors Que'Orris Brion, Octavius Boozier, and Arthur Miller. The readings are directed by Alicia Benjamin.

for black boys who have considered homicide when the streets were too much reveals how many people in our society see African American boys and men – as violent, angry people to be afraid of. The play goes on the show how African American boys and men see themselves – as fully realized and complex people who hurt, love, and feel – just like everybody else.

“We are dedicating these performances to young African American men like Trayvon Martin (17), Oscar Grant (22), Sean Bell (23), and Jonathan Ferrell (24), who were all killed either by police officers or someone in authority,” Benjamin said.

“This is the perfect time for people to hear the words that Mr. Mason has so eloquently written about the complex and sometimes fragile lives of many of our young black men.”

The play is comprised of some realistic and some stylized poetic sections that offer a gripping and emotional portrait of the many facets of young black male life in America.

“for black boys….” is a cathartic journey through the box of anger, fear, injustice, hyper masculinity and aggression that many black men find themselves in,” Benjamin said.  “But there’s a ray of love and a sense of perseverance that peaks through the play also. This is a powerful work with fully realized characters that shine a light on the psychology of many of our young black men.”

 Mason writes in the piece:

“The male gender, cursed and colored black, and too damn aggressive just by bein’ born.”

 “Somehow i know, i wuz' born to die, to die too soon.”

This powerful play is as relevant today as it was when Mr. Mason wrote the piece more than 20 years ago.

Venue Locations:

The Arts Factory, Black Box Theater, Johnson C. Smith University, 1515 West Trade St.., Charlotte 28216

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Library (Main Branch) – Francis Auditorium, 310 N. Tryon St., Charlotte 28202


The Francis Auditorium (PLCMC – Main Branch) performance is FREE and open to the public.  

For more information contact:
Alicia Benjamin at


The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library is not a sponsor, nor does it endorse any practices or points of view of this production.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Alicia! Happy New Year!

I will pray that you have good attendance. I have never heard of this work. I hope that it begins to have a larger audience, more productions.

Cappuccino Soul said...

Happy New Year Sister!

Thank you for your prayers Sister! We'll ned them I'm sure. Yes, I hope attendence is good. This is an intense and powerful piece that speaks to the tragedies and also strength of black boys and men. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding, You know that I have always been proud of your work and have had the pleasure or performing in some of them. WOW I wish that I could check it out. The location LATIBAH Collard Green Museum put a smile on my mind's eye. I really need to check it out when I visit again.


Cappuccino Soul said...

Thank you MaDear!

Yes, put that on your list of things to do when you visit. The museum is fabulous! Gigi and I got a personal tour. You'll see replicas and artwork about Egypt, African villages, the middle passage, slavery, the Civil War, reconstruction,and on up through Obama and Mandela. I plan to post something about it also.


Anonymous said...

Sure wish I could be there on 25th. Much success and make sure I get a copy. Love, Dad

Cappuccino Soul said...

Hey Dad,
Thanks for the well wishes. I'll make sure to tape it so you can see it.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there to support you sister!

Cappuccino Soul said...

One day, I'm sure you will!

Anonymous said...

Well alright Lisa!
Wish I could be there to see this, Ms. Director!
You go girl!

Auntie T

Cappuccino Soul said...

Thanks Auntie!