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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Steve McQueen: Never Forget

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Here is Steve McQueen's profound answer to Tavis Smiley's question regarding why he wanted to make the film 12 Years a Slave (Oct. 15 airing of the Tavis show). Yes, he did, indeed, say the first line twice. He stresses that point, with good reason.

"To look again -- never forget. To look again -- never forget. And to remind ourselves where we are, where we come from and hopefully, where we can go in the future. You have to go back to your past to see where you're going."


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea where those statues are? They are riveting. I will be at the movies as soon as it comes to Tennessee.


Alicia Benjamin said...

I was MAD that it didn't open in Charlotte last weekend like some other larger cities. Like you, as SOON as it hits Charlotte soil (or anywhere near Charotte), I will be in the theater.

That photo seems to be a stock photo of some sculptures. The photographer is listed as Erik Kolstad, but I can't find any of his photos on the internet. I don't know where the actual statues are. Maybe they're in a museum somewhere.


Anonymous said...

I think art has been getting in the way or reality for way too long. Sadly I believe this movie will be an entertaining fluff for whites more than blacks. Truth has been stripped of all it's integrity.

Alicia Benjamin said...

I thought this film did justice to the story of Solomon Northup and some of the atrocities Africans had to endure as slaves in this country. Also, "12 Years a Slave" is a great artistic acheivement for the director, actors, screenwriter, and everyone involved in the making of the film. That's my opinion.

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