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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Black Males: What They're Supposed to Be.....

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Question Bridge: Black Males is an innovative transmedia art project that facilitates a dialogue between a critical mass of Black men from diverse and contending backgrounds; and creates a platform for them to represent and redefine Black male identity in America.

This exhibition opens October 25th at The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African American Arts and Culture in Charlotte, with Question Bridge artists Bayete Ross Smith and Chris Johnson scheduled to attend.

Question Bridge: Black Males - Project Trailer from Question Bridge on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

I pray that this program is viewed by more old and young black men than expected, even boot legs passed around like they do action flicks. It should be watched like the Super Bowl. Yeah dream on Wives, Mothers,daughters and Sisters. All we can do is stay on our knees and pray that they, some not all will "WAKE UP!"

Alicia Benjamin said...

I'm with you MaDear. I like the way you're thinking. If I can find the full length of this video I will post it! I'll try by very BEST to attend this Charlotte premiere. I'll keep you posted.

Alicia Benjamin said...

One of the lines that made me laugh, although I know it's not really funny:

"I can't let 'em see no type of 'sucker'"

Alicia Benjamin said...

And this quote is packed with meaning and something we all face:

"How can I do good when I'm surrounded by evil?"

ARW said...

This seem to be an answer for all Black Males. Cool.

Alicia Benjamin said...

The film certainly seems to speak to a lot of black men and their concerns.