Friday, June 21, 2013

The Roots: Organic Hip Hop Jazz

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I’ve been looking for this song, "I'm Our Deah" for years! From Organix (The Roots):
Abstract organic artistry Thought is he, that I be Gravity does not hold me down As I rise from the ground into sound Melting browns drip like wax Building blocks, nappy cat Blazes acts, filling facts Mental sax, sweet mental sax Sweet mental horn, taking the physical form Of a storm of abnorm-ality, re-ality's Lo-cality, vo-cality, low calorie NOT
(Check out the spoken word segment at the end.)


Anonymous said...

Legendary foundation

Anonymous said...

At the University of Hip-Hop located in Chicago, their program is broken up into
groups. It lets users experience sound in a 360-degree
pattern, giving it the power that matches larger speaker systems.
This sparked an "intercultural phenomena", as this new form of music appealed to everyone (History of
Rap and Hip hop).

Alicia Benjamin said...

That's awesome! I'm definitely going to look into the University of Hip Hop!