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Cappuccino Soul

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brown Baby, Walk Down the Freedom Road

(For all the Brown Babies in the world.)

Brown Baby
by Oscar Brown, Jr. (Performed by Diana Ross)

Brown baby, brown baby,
As you grow up I want you to drink from the plenty cup.
I want you to stand up tall and proud.
I want you to speak up clear and loud.

Brown baby, brown baby, brown baby,
As years roll by,
I want you to go with your head held high.
I want you to live by the justice code.
I want you to walk down the freedom road.

Brown baby, now lie away,
Lie away sleeping,
Lie away here in my arms,
While your daddy and your momma protect you.
And keep you safe from harm.

Oh, brown baby, brown baby,
It makes me glad that you will have
Things I have never had.
When out of men's hearts all the hate is hurled,
You're going to live in a better world.
Brown baby.

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Cappuccino Soul said...

My father was excited about this post. He says he LOVES the song "Brown Baby," which he'd never heard before. I told him that although Oscar Brown Jr. wrote the song, I've never heard anybody sing it as well as Diana Ross -- even Nina Simone, who I adore! Sing Diana!