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Cappuccino Soul

Friday, March 25, 2011

Poem: Films Will Be Made

Films Will Be Made
by Alicia Benjamin

One day films will be made by people like me -- fleshy people who have lived intricate, woven lives that don't translate so easily on the screen.

We won't need to do the research, to feel the dry scorching pain -- the unadulterated branding we've already endured.

One day, films will be made by people like me -- people who have dived into their lives, hit the bottom, then gracefully floated back up -- laughed hysterically at the misery, danced unceremoniously about the suffering.

One day, films will be made to make the whole world cry, like I've cried.

One day, un dia, it will happen.


Anonymous said...

nice very nice........

Cappuccino Soul said...

Thanks Camille!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alicia: Glad to see you're still writing! Love the poem. We miss you here in Nashville but hope that the move has been a great one for you. The literary arts scene is growing here. There are now two more ongoing poetry reading series: Line Breaks Literary Reading Series, which I've been coordinating since 2002 is going strong; and Scarritt Bennett now has a series called Poet's Corner. Anyway, let me know if and when you'll be visiting Nashville. We'll have tea or something and take in a poem.


Cappuccino Soul said...

Thanks. I have been writing different things, even a short story. This is the first poem I've written in a loooooong while.
It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad the literary arts scene is growing there. Hopefully arts in general will continue to grow all over the country. We need a different--artistic perspective on things like war, povertry, hatred, etc.
I'd love to have tea with you and take in a poem.

I'll let you know chica.

Peace and many blessings,

Anonymous said...

It will happen "soon". You have the gift, you have the power!


Cappuccino Soul said...

God willing MaDear! Thank you for your unending support.