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Cappuccino Soul

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Serving Others on the Job

A few weeks ago my Charlotte pastor talked to the church members about how we might serve God. He said that whatever our day job is, there is always an opportunity to serve. It doesn't matter if we work as bankers, lawyers, or other professions that lend themselves more to service such as teachers, social workers, counselors, etc. -- there is always a way to do God's work.

As I was reading the June 2008 issue of The Atlantic magazine recently, I came across a Verizon Wireless ad that made me think of my pastor's talk about service. It's not often that an advertisement makes you think about altruism and how you can help others, but this one did.

Here's Olga Mendez's story and I have to give her credit for finding a way to serve others on the job. These are the words from the ad, verbatim.

Olga Mendez trains employees at a Verizon Wireless call center. But she also helps the company teach another important skill: life.

As part of Verizon Wireless' innovative HopeLine program, which distributes free cell phones and airtime to victims of domestic violence, Olga helps Spanish-speaking women navigate the difficult road back to independence. A survivor of an abusive relationship herself, she gives them the support and practical advice they need to break the cycle of domestic violence and strike out in the world on their own. Speaking in their native Spanish, she helps them with everything from writing a resume to dressing for a job interview.

Olga knows how important it is to gain back one's self-respect. And her career at Verizon Wireless has been a vital part of her recovery.

As Olga says, "A lot of companies talk about giving back to the community, but Verion Wireless really walks the walk."

Do your thing sister!

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