Monday, October 15, 2007

What I'm Not Going to Do

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It's not even the new year, but I've already decided what I'm NOT going to do. I'm not going to put up with intimidating, harrassing comments from people with hollow souls--people whose hearts are dingy and grey.

God be with me.


T. Amougou said...

All Right Now!!!!!!!

ms_cookie said...

Way to go my friend!!
Nothing but the positive going on here!

Alicia Benjamin said...

That's right sister!

Alicia Benjamin said...

Ms. Cookie,
Thanks for the compliment Ms. Cookie. It means a lot. I hope you'll continue to read the blog.

Anonymous said...

What has angered you, Ms Alicia? What upset you? You know, it's not good to upset the sister and make her hair go wild. Remember, it's all part of understanding yourself. Lay it on the line! What made you upset enough to write what you wrote?


Alicia Benjamin said...

What made me upset were "intimidating, harrassing comments." I think that's all I should say on that.
My hair certainly didn't go wild, I was just taken aback by cruelty.

ms_cookie said...

Helo Alicia,
I am always here :)!!
It is nice to read positive blogs from sisters like you!!
I am proud of you and I appeciate you!
Ms Cookie

Alicia Benjamin said...

Ms. Cookie,
Thanks so much for the vote of confident. I sure can use it! Thanks for continuing to read Cappuccino Soul. Stay strong sister.