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Cappuccino Soul

Monday, September 10, 2007

Things I Do Well

I want to thank my good friend Marilyn in Nashville for encouraging me to come up with this list months ago. It's encouraging and it also makes me laugh.

This is a pat on the back to myself because I really need it. Here are some of the things that I do well:

- Love and take care of my daughter
- Sing and read to my daughter
- Take out the trash
- Select really cool earrings
- Twist and lock my hair
- Write
- Hug
- Smile
- Laugh
- Make other people laugh
- Encourage others
- Doodle
- Direct
- Make chess pies

Thanks Marilyn! I'm going to come back to this list the next time I need a lift.

I'd like to encourage all of you readers to make a list of some of the things that you do well. I want to hear all about it!


Anonymous said...

Here's a list of things I do well:

I speak to my soul every morning for two hours.

I find a moment everyday to be creative.

I love my friends, no matter how far away they are, and I hear their souls speak.

I shape my children. I have three.

I listen to my husband, and assist him with his path, which is separate from my own.

I stand up and speak out.

I do by sisters and brothers very well. I love my mother for pushing me out and loving me up. I love my father for being a man he chose to be. I do these things well.

I listen well.

I cry, scream, smile, speak, teach, read, learn, and understand myself very well.

I do me very well.

I hug through words well. Here's a big hug from me to you, Alicia. Stay up and look good. What was promised will be. Faith is key, Momma, but make sure you also have it in yourself.

Cappuccino Soul said...

Thank you so much for sharing the list of things that you do well...and WHAT a list you have. You're an awesome mother, I can tell. I love that you "do by sisters and brothers very well." This is immensely important and an overlooked necessity these days. Thank you for that.

Thanks also for the big hug. I can ALWAYS use one of those. And I will work harder on having faith in myself.
Bless you sister.


Anonymous said...


to know yourself is to know God. Take time out to speak to your soul. Find out who you are and focus on the voice you hear. "We Are the ones we have been waiting for" by Alice Walker. Have you read this yet? It's ripe for my sister to read and take in. I mean, really take in. You are a beautiful creature who needs to be still. Be still and look inward. Another big hug to my sister. Stay up and be beautiful!

Cappuccino Soul said...

Thank you my sister...for the advice and the compliment. I will take your advice.