Thursday, April 05, 2007

Ungenocide (Like Jesus)

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Ungenocide (Like Jesus)
by Alicia Benjamin

Let’s dream
About a man
In Northern Uganda,
Or somewhere in Iraq, who might
Stretch out his body and
Take the shots to
The heart.


Anne said...

What a beautiful picture. It's interesting how differently people perceive Jesus. I like this one a lot. Thank you, Ms. Alicia.

Alicia Benjamin-Samuels said...

De nada, Anne.

Anne said...

We should all try to be a little bit more like Jesus.

Happy Easter, my friend.

Alicia Benjamin-Samuels said...

If I could be a little more like Jesus right now, I'd have a lot less stress. Yes, I wish we all could all be a lot more like Jesus.